Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding minibook for Polly and Ben

Despite Polly and Ben had secret "anti-white" wedding, this occassion inspired to make hybrid od greeting card and wedding minibook for them. I wanted it to look sweet and tender. Luckily I had few sheets of "Baby to Bride" 30x30 cardstock which is beautiful even without any embellishments and words. This time an idea was borrowed from http://www.making-mini-scrapbooks.com/ and called "Triangular around book". Tutorial shows how to make 4-piece book, I decided to add extra 2. I am in love with books like that because of triangular inserts! Each can be a masterpiece itself.

It took me seven hours to complete the project and I forgot to use two brilliant ideas for the inserts :(( What a pity, but Polly promised to accept and file extra greetings any time. I also made couple of mistakes: one of the papers I used was too bright and was close to ruining "wedding" look of my book and chipboard I used for the cover was two thick and heavy.

For my inserts I used remains of "Baby to bride" sheets, apple green and peach paper with glitter, half pearls, paper flowers, fragment of 2009 calendar stolen from 2008 business diary and one greeting card from supermarket which I cut into pieces. I had no time to play with PhotoPaint this time so I used my printer to make coloured copies of images that I wanted to reproduce. As for the wishes they are very personal (so I can not quote) and deep in thought such as "P + B = L". :))

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  1. Very nice mini-album, original and delicate. I think your friends will like it