Monday, August 3, 2009

The Island of Happiness floating in the ocean of real life

Ok, it's time to get started. August the 3rd, strange weather behind the windows. Today I started my blog. Who am I today? What kind of woman looks back at me from depth of the mirror? Not that young as I used to be when "Southern FM" kept playing "Bittersweer symphony" ten times a day and my boyfriend, dweller of Hastings, kissed me in his scarlett fiat. But still I'm not that old to think that noone will ever look at me and think of a kiss except for my husband. Another 28days, and I'll be 30.

I have "big auditing career" left behind me, which I dropped with no doubt for the sake of two amazing kids aged at the moment 2.5 years and 2 months. Unfortunately, "big auditing career" is also in front of me, waiting to eat my soul in the future, when I will have to return. But at the moment I am absolutely happy, staying with kids and doing something nice with a pair of scissors, tube of a glue or a needle. I feel in myself a talent for being a crafty mother. I really do so!

And I will start with baking an apple pie.